Friday, February 11, 2011

100th Post and Thank You

Post number 100!!  That’s a lot of posts.  As I sit here and write number 100, I have to look back at how far this little blog has come.  When I started writing a blog I thought it was going to be easy…boy was I wrong.  I thought I would just go to and simply design a blog and start writing, and that’s what I did.  Then I started doing research, a lot of research.  I started reading other food blogs and came to the quick conclusion that I had my work cut out for me.  There are thousands of really great blogs out there.
When I started blogging I was just providing recipes with no pictures (big mistake).  Every other food blog out there had pictures, so I quickly started photographing my work.  Then I noticed that the others bloggers had great writing skills, and I’m still trying to improve mine to this day.  I do this by reading around 25-30 other blogs and carving out more time to read books.  Aside from taking an English class I think this is the best & most economical way to improve my skills. For your sake and mine I hope its working!!
Social Media; I can’t imagine how the bloggers promoted their blogs back in the days before Twitter & Facebook, remember those?  Then I learned that blogging is about community, your greatest assets are other bloggers.  If you start commenting on their blogs they will show you the love back.  It’s a great system of “what goes around comes around”.
Big changes are coming soon.  For the last month I have been working with a great web designer.  We are making some amazing changes to the blog; life will be much easier for you.  I think the new site looks in creditable and has great functionally.  I will be looking forward to all of your feedback.
Finally I would like to thank everyone who has been following along.  I have made many new friends and have enjoyed interacting with all of you.  I hope you are all enjoying this as much as I am.  To my wife, family and friends thank you for supporting me through this journey.  It’s been great fun and I hope you are all enjoying the food I’ve been cooking for you over the last six months. Thanks for letting me experiment all the new food on you.
From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!
Thank You


  1. Congratulations Paul!!
    Your right , us foodies have to stick together!!
    Keep up the great work :))

  2. Happy 100!!! Look forward to the next 100!

  3. A Big Thank you goes out to you for sharing your knowledge and expertise! The blogging experience really does open your eyes to a bright non-stop and interesting world out there! You are doing fantastic work!
    Congratulations on 100 ... Debbie :-)