Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shrimp Marsala

Shrimp Marsala
Holy cow…as I sit here and write this post we have had 18 inches of snow fall, and 50-60 mph wind gusts and it’s still snowing and blowing everywhere.  There are snow drifts that are 4-5 feet tall, the police have closed the roads, and the fire department is rescuing people on snowmobiles!  No one is going anywhere today, and tonight the temperature is going to drop to -10 degrees.  Ah life in the Midwest, you have to love it to live here!!
On to the food for the day, Shrimp Marsala I love this appetizer.  Simple and quick with subtle sweetness, the grapes in this recipe really pack a nice punch in the flavor department.  I first had this at Harry Caray’s in Chicago about 18 years ago, and I have been in love since.  I have it every time I go there and I have tried to duplicate it, and this recipe is as close as it gets.
Shrimp- 8 (16-20’s peeled and deveined)
Olive oil- 2 tbsp
Grapes- ½ cup
Marsala wine- ½ cup
Flour- ¼ cup
Salt & pepper- to taste
Parsley- for garnish   
Method to the Madness
1)      Lightly coat the shrimp with the salt & pepper and gently toss with the flour. In a sauté pan add the olive oil over medium high heat. Add the shrimp and cook on one side for 2 minutes, then flip and cook for another minute.
2)      Add the Marsala and reduce by half, about two minutes. Add the grapes and cook for 30 seconds, remove from heat and plate. Garnish with the parsley.
3)      ENJOY!!!   

Shrimp Marsala


  1. Yum!!! So simple too!

    Sorry to hear about your snow - we are having heatwaves and cyclones!!!

    Weird weather.

  2. No worries!! Driveway is now clear, but it's going to get really cold. Best of luck to you and your weather.

  3. Yes grapes! I know it seems strange but they really work well in the dish. On a note though, I would cut them in half. They are hard to get at with a fork:-)