Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Latino Sliders with Jalapeno Relish and Chipotle Mayo

Day 3 in our Holiday appetizer fest! Today’s offering is for your own party these will not travel well, unless you take everything to your party and cook it there. It’s got a 30 minute prep time and a 10-15 minute cooking time. I got the idea from Ingrid Hoffman of Simply Delicioso fame, they sounded so good I had to give them a try. I did tweak it quite a bit.
Don’t forget!! Only two days left for the HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY!!

Ground Sirloin- 1 pound
Chorizo- 15 ounces
Adobo seasoning- 1 tbsp
Bread crumbs- ½ cup
Onion- ½ cup (grated or minced)
Salt & pepper- to taste
Mayo- 1 cup
Chipotle peppers- ¼ cup (in adobo)
Onion- 1 ½ cup (sliced)
Jalapenos- ½ cup (bottled, drained)
Brown sugar- ½ cup
Whole wheat buns- 12 (slider buns)
Chihuahua cheese- 1 cup (grated)
Method to the Madness
1)      In a large mixing bowl combine the sirloin, chorizo, adobo, bread crumbs and ½ cup of the grated onions. Mix well, again don’t over work. Form into 3 ounce patties and set aside.
2)      In a sauté pan over medium high heat sauté the remaining onion, and season with salt & pepper. Add the jalapenos and brown sugar and cook for 8-10 minutes until onion and jalapenos caramelize and become soft. Set aside.
3)      In a food processor or blender add the mayo and the chipotle peppers with their sauce. Run the machine until the mayo is smooth.
4)      Preheat an indoor grill or large sauté pan over medium heat toast the buns with some butter set aside. Cook sliders until cooked through-(at least medium well). 6-8 minutes per side. When you are down to the last couple of minutes add the cheese.
5)      For service; spread the mayo on both sides of each bun, top the bottom side of the buns with a slider, add some relish to each.
6)      ENJOY!!!


  1. This looks like a great comfort food! Mad but great!

  2. They look good - what is Adobo seasoning - I would have to try and find a substitute!!