Monday, December 20, 2010

Smoked Salmon Bruschetta

Well today is day 6 of the holiday appetizers, and this will be the last one. Tomorrow I will start doing a feast for your holiday dinner; I’ll start with a couple of sides and move onto a main course.
 Today’s appetizer is a perfect travel companion; you can make it a couple of hours ahead of time or right before your party. It’s super easy and took me about 15 to 20 minutes to make. I made it this weekend for a cousins party I went to (had a blast!!) and when it was all said and done they had finished all of it…which is always a good sign.
Smoked salmon- 2 packages (4 ounces each)
Baguette- 1 (slice on a diagonal, about ¼ inch thick)
Red onion- ¾ cup (sliced thin)
Capers- to garnish
Mascarpone cheese- 8 ounces
Method to the Madness
1)      After you slice your baguette let it sit out for about an hour, this makes for a nice crunchy texture but still moist in the center.
 Top the baguette slices. First with the mascarpone, then the salmon, red onion and garnish with the capers.